Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Message from Gabe & Sady

Wow... I am in awe of Yahweh and His leading. This video was not meant for viewing but for our own eyes, a recording of a song just for record. To remind me how to play and for remembrance. But when in this last take I felt Yah bring it all together... The flow per say, it can be seen in my face, when it clicked. I was in awe of Him(YHWH), a song for His people... An anthem to pray for peace. So as you will see I did not acknowledge the camera much. This is raw.. Loud at times... Some slip ups... Yet this is me. I pray this uplifts you and encourages you as the body of Messiah and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Get out your word and let's sing it out together..... Psalms 122. Yahweh bless! Sady~

PLEASE subscribe, please share this song, Please help get the word out! Please visit   We can't do this on your own. Our desire is to make this music available to all free of charge. We also desire that the finished product would be well done and professional, in a non-professional, yet orderly and set-apart way. We can't do that on our own. We need help. Pray for us and the gift Yah has given. That It would go forth in His way and time. Shalom, Gabriel

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  1. Whoever is able to support this Yah-given talent should definitely do so. :)
    These precious moving songs are perfect for those desiring unique, set-apart yet WONDERFUL praise music to the Father! Prayer I'm sure would be greatly appreciated as well!
    With love,
    C.Prince :) :) :)