Friday, June 6, 2014

New song Shabbat

FYI if you haven't noticed we have been really busy trying to post a new yet to be professionally recorded song every week.

We are making history today! We are posting a new song, brand new, not a song that is 3 years old that we have kept on the back shelf, but brand spankin new. But the groundbreaking part is the sheer unrefined, uncut, raw, gritty, this is our home uncut, not done in a studio, children playing, xylophones and all, and that's only half of it. We have never posted a song like this, and I doubt we ever will again. Sady did not want to post this at first, but from the moment I heard It I knew it needed to be posted as is. First, I think mom's and dad's who know how hard it is to do anything with children running around, will appreciate knowing your not the only one. Second, now you know we aren't perfect.
The first time I heard this recording, what I really felt in my heart was that this song was all about how we should treat, and what we should say and do for our children. Sometimes you wonder how you can encourage your child, or how we can show them we love them. This song is about that. but it's also about our Father Yahweh's heart for us, and our response to that love. That awesome Daddy, and how he wants to guide us, as we guide our children. Let Yahweh guide you home! Bring your children too! That is our number one ministry!
So, ladies and gentlemen, family, friends, countrymen, & humanity take note! Turn it up, but not too loud, laugh at our journey, ponder on the Love our heavenly Daddy has for us, and choose to listen to the still small voice guiding us home. We can't guide our children, if we aren't first staying on course. If your not there, (we aren't either) let's get there together.

Listen more than once, different things will stick out to you each time, and I am not talking about the children in the background. The last verse is my favorite!

like, share and Love Yahweh!