Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Help needed!

Hey everyone! 

We desire to expand Spice tree music and Integrity Carpentry but we are in need of some things; a great used camera (for pictures and video taking) our phones just can’t cut it, we desire to be able to post great photos and videos of work and music (and our growing family)! Also two 2 drawer filing cabinets and shelving to get our office organized. A laptop or PC to get more things done! Hard to help Gabe when he needs the computer and so do I. If it is reasonably priced we can pay cash or trade work (painting or maintenance) or if you know of someone getting rid of stuff for free, we could sure use it. 

Thank you so much!

One more thing: please pray for our family as we try to expand the gifts Yahweh has given to us, that we would be focused, disciplined and enjoy the task at hand. HalleluYAH! 

Yahweh Bless! 

The DeLapp's