Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning Love.

     This day has started out well, wonderfully WELL!... peaceful morning with my sons, as we read the word this morning we read about Yahushua being tempted in Matthew 4. Have you ever thought about how the enemy knows the scripture, and knows it well! Yet at every temptation Yahushua gave Him back the true words of the scriptures not words twisted (as Satan did) to use on his own account. But He completed, perfected and followed them way they should be followed. Yahushua was a prime example that He wasn't there to prove Himself, nor prove Yahweh! He was there to be the righteous example of the Living Word! It did not lose it's love from when it was first written, it was just forgotten to be followed in love and steadfastness. Yahushua was and is our prime example that the completetion of the scriptures, which is to love, when loving we follow.... not become lawless but we truly follow Elohim our Creator, as it was intended from the beginning. Is it easy? No, not always, but that can be more the flesh unable to let go of certain areas needed for restoration by the Maker of the universe! 
   I'm learning that this life and the things in it are vastly overrated. So much is put into our daily need for self worth, when in fact when we turn our hearts BACK to Messiah, Back to Torah, Back to where and how we were created to serve, there we will find our self worth. This world and it's self worth was not established in the Word. It is established in what we can do, How good we can look, and how much money we have! I don't have much to this world eyes of being any of those things. BUT I have riches beyond comprehension! I have YAHWEH, Messiah/the Word, the Ruach/Set-apart Spirit, my husband, my children, my parents, praise and worship, my brothers and sisters in Messiah........etc...... Those things may not add up to much in this flesh, but to me they are Priceless and without a doubt a blessing and dream come true! 
    So today as you look around at the little you have or the lot, remember Today, this day was given to rise up and rejoice in Him, in truth and spirit! You have this opportunity to use the Word and know the Word as it was written many many years ago... it is still the same yet ever more beautiful because we have the Prime Example Messiah Yahushua to show us, reveal to us and keep our hearts from becoming cold like stone but soft like clay! 


Sady K.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I wanted to share a email my Papa sends out to those desiring a little encouragement during the weeks!! Once you read it and desire to be part of his email list let me know! Let me tell you I truly am inspired by my dad, once I hardly knew him cause he worked long hours and came home tired now he is teaching our whole family!! HalleluYAH! 

Gooooooood-morning YAHWEH fans............ A pleasant and prosperous day to you...........
WOW, it seem we are in for another scorcher today.....The heat index calling for over a 100 .......  LOL, I remember 5 months ago people were saying they would never complain about the heat ever again. For those who don't remember, we were in the midst of a cold, snowy, "endless" we are in the midst of hot and humid summer.....
Have you ever asked yourself why all we do is complain????? here is the, spouse, siblings, "the brethren",  government, dog, cat, lawn, house, boss, job, is endless....... WHY????? Just what in us makes us this way????? We sound just like the world........sometimes even worse!!!!! ........... Well, lets see what scripture says.
Php 4:4 Rejoice in יהוה always, again I say, rejoice!
Php 4:5 Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Master is near.
Php 4:6 Do not worry at all, but in every matter, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to Elohim.
Php 4:7 And the peace of Elohim, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and minds through Messiah יהושע.
Oh boy, were not following our "operations manual" again........well I hate to do this but these 4 verses are followed up with 2 that put the last nail in "our" coffin.........
Php 4:8 For the rest, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is righteous, whatever is clean, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any uprightness and if there is any praise – think on these. Php 4:9 And what you have learned and received and heard and saw in me, practice these, and the Elohim of peace shall be with you.
Our brother Shaul knows all about life......he saw it all. Yet He caught on to something we find in verse 13.
Php 4:13 I have strength to do all, through Messiah who empowers me.
That's right, it is Messiah YAHUSHUA who empowers all things. In out thoughts, words, and actions. If we allow ourselves to be lead, or follow in the footsteps of Messiah, we can be this way.....It's when we take our eyes off of the "prize" we let the world come in like a flood, and overtake -40, or +100, it may be uncomfortable to the flesh, ...........but the "prize" eternal life with our Master has not we rise to out feet, and get ready to receive from Abba YAHWEH,  let me offer up this little prayer.........
"Abba, we love you.........I,  at times take my eye off you........for this forgive me........please help me to see the end....the reward that is awaiting us......continue to instruct me in YOUR ways........I choose to be more like YOU. Thank you for the blood covenant you have given us thru your son YAHUSHUA Messiah.......may we never sell short all the things He did for us. and may we willfully follow after Him. It is in YAHUSHUA'S name we be it!!!
May YAHWEH Keep and Bless you



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Jos 1:8 "Do not let this Book of the Torah depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you guard to do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and act wisely.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tired yet excited....

    Another day of heat... but another day to Praise YHWH!! I am so very excited about this upcoming birth, I have felt this baby thrive and move around in my womb like it was a beautiful day at the park. I am truly seeking wisdom and guidence for this little life. Wanting everyday to be set-apart from the very first day of birth. So many things have become real and powerful within my heart during this pregnancy and I am seeing how important it is to strive for Set-Apartness through Yahushua Messiah! I am wanting and longing to teach my beautiful children the ways of truth and beauty, I don't want to except that they should just see things to learn.... or use an excuse like well it is everywhere so whats the point. There is a point, innocents, protection, wisdom.... I desire to strive to keep a hedge of protection around them, around their little eyes, so that evil would not just be an excuse that their gonna see it but that they are being protected from seeing it. This is our hope! We have been truly seeking this path and walking this way! I know we will get there, make it to the end! I am sure that I was not made to be separate from HIM! Nor our children. This is the walk, the Set-Apart highway I want to take. HalleluYAH!

Sady K.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rest day Rest!

  On this rest day I am finding it hard to Rest.....nap..... yada yada! The baby is moving very frequently and loves to keep me guessing which move he/she will do next. We have about 8 or less weeks left and it is getting exciting to what Yahweh has for us on this journey with three under three! Shiloh and Silas are amazing little boys that always have a rhythm or a song or a perch to climb! I love it, watching how they overcome obstacles in their young lives. Helping them understand new sights and sounds! It is brilliant. 

 I guess maybe that's how our Yahweh sees us. Wide eyed at all the things around us, the curiosity that glimmers from our thoughts and actions. He is just watching and allowing us to only go so far, then teaching us that we have to be careful, that we have to watch what we do, what we say, how we act, what we touch. I am thankful for these moments, the moments I feel His ruach, His Set-apart spirit speak to watch myself, be vigilant! 

 So on this rest day, I rest in my Heart knowing Yahweh gave me Yahushua, gave me the prime example of living out the word and being watchful and vigilant. Giving me these opportunities to watch my sons! to watch them learn and call out for help when it is needed. Thank you Yahweh! I love you so much!

Sady K.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm back!

Goodness, it seems like it takes me forever to get to what needs to be done, I know this to be one of them! It has been quite the month.....We have under gone some very intense spiritual warfare with our flesh! Satan has truly wanted us to yell out, demand & prove wrong those around us or those we feel have offended us or hurt us with there words. We feel (I say feel cause I know Elohim doesn't have to prove himself) we have to prove ourselves and make sure they are wrong and not us. Well let me tell ya, I know the only one to be pointing fingers to, is myself. I'm not perfect nor do I tend to treat others that I am, but oh how the pride of my life starts hounding my thoughts with sarcastic and idol words and philosophies. It's not easy to bypass them or let them go but I am learning I can! I can let them go.... I can overcome! Through YAHUSHUA! True prime example of one who became mute! 

Isa 53:7  He was oppressed and He was afflicted, but He did not open His mouth. He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, but He did not open His mouth.

Like sheep lead to it's shearers is mute so was he through time of persecution and separation. Wow! I am always amazed by these words, they never get old, just better and better everytime I read them. Know this, I am not claiming to be like Yahushua in this way, nor am I saying that my problems in life weren't done to circumstances I have brought on myself, but I sure am trying to imitate!

It's hard to understand the human heart, the hurt that one carries, the pride that builds its walls up. It's hard to understand why I want and desire so deeply to love, that in a seconds flash it is gone, evil treks it's way into my thoughts and sits! Oh ABBA! I don't want this..... I want to love.... to forgive......70 X 7!! 

Mat 18:21  Then Kĕpha came to Him and said, “Master, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”
Mat 18:22  יהושע said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.

Is that easy, NO! Thank YHWH we have our Example Yahushua, who was not ashamed to be different then the crowd. Different then the Pharisees, Different then US! Let's walk together in love, forgiving and forgetting past reasons to hate each other and thrive on the beauty that is before us. 

If no one ever gave my husband a second, third or hundredth chance to overcome because of all the times he has made mistakes in his early adult years, He would not have what he has been given today, like our two beautiful sons and our third baby on the way, the unselfish heart he carries, the gift of helping. If people or even gabes parents would have given up he would be lost.... but instead they lifted him up in prayer kept their words pure and encouraged him that he can overcome. They didn't beat him down. You see we have to love one another, giving each other the opportunity to rise above problems in our lives, not strike each other down, giving ultimatums to our relationships. We have to look past and help each other! truly be like Yahushua!  

So in ending this I only look at myself....... I am not anything. But I sure do hope I can be the Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that YHWH wants me to be!  These our just my thoughts..... I pray they become more my actions as the days of my life grow longer and as I watch my children grow I teach them that we must love!! YAHUSHUA LOVE!!

Sady K.